19th – 23rd July, 2023

It's one of the oldest cities in Europe!

Plovdiv was recently named the oldest city in Europe. The first traces of human settlement in Plovdiv date back to the Neolithic period around 6000 BC.It is claimed that the city is a contemporary of Troy and Mycenae, but it is more ancient than Rome, Athens and Constantinople.

Best loved for its romantic Old Town, packed with colorful 19th-century mansions that house museums, galleries, and guesthouses, as well as its magnificent 2nd century Amphitheater. With every step you take in the city, you will come across a piece of the world’s history. Kendros, Eumolpia, Philippopolis, Pulpudeva, Thrimonzium, Pulden, Populdin, Ploudin, Filibe -- those were the ancient names of Plovdiv throughout its history. The name Plovdiv first appeared in 15 century documents and has remained till today.


Plovdiv is the second largest and important city in Bulgaria.

It is situated on both banks of Maritsa River in the Upper Valley. The area is 101.981 square kilometers with population about 365,000 people.

Plovdiv is strategically important industrial, commercial, scientific, cultural and transportation-communications center on the Balkans region. The city and its surroundings abound of cultural, archaeological, historical and natural attractions. All year around the city is the host of musical, art and cultural festivals, concerts and forums. 

The food and wine scene is incredible

Bulgarians are justifiably proud of their ancient winemaking tradition, and Bulgarian cuisine, with its Turkish, Greek and Slavic influences, provides the perfect accompaniment to a bottle of local mavrud.

In Bulgaria, meals are supposed to be enjoyed in company, and most Bulgarians relish the opportunity to introduce foreign friends to the pleasures of homemade banitsa.

Plovdiv: European Capital of Culture 2019

Plovdiv was the first Bulgarian city chosen as European Capital of Culture. Тhe “natural look of Plovdiv”, its local artists, the slow living and bohemian lifestyle, the multi-ethnic profile of the population, the fine tie between different generations and social groups, together with the multi-layered history and cultural heritage (both traditional and contemporary) attract tourists all over the world.

Kapana Creative District was a flagship project of Plovdiv 2019 and one of its emblems.

Visitors could immerse into the quarter’s authentic atmosphere and traditions of craft making; as well enjoy the artistic, trendy, charming, full of life and dynamic social and creative area, where everybody wants to go and spend time.


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