19th – 23rd July, 2023


The regatta course, in the city of Plovdiv, is an artificial canal with total length of 2200m. This was specifically designed by the architect Valentine Marinov, together with chief consultant Svetla Otzetova, to meet the required standards for staging major water sport events.

Тhe project commenced in 1984, and the construction was completed in 1988. In 2011 the venue underwent a major renovation and a new spectators grandstand was built.

The location of the course was chosen specifically to be surrounded by the natural forests, offering fair and equal conditions in all lanes. In addition to that the direction of the course is East/West, which is parallel to the direction of the prevailing winds.

Other sports facilities are also located at the territory of the sports complex – tennis courts, a swimming pool. Many sporting, cultural and musical events are regularly organised at the venue. The place is very attractive for both the citizens and the visitors of the city. There are many cosy restaurants located nearby the Rowing facilities.

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