19th – 23rd July, 2023

The European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth Mariya Gabriel took the patronage of the 2023 World Rowing U23 Championships, Plovdiv

0001The 2023 World Rowing U23 Championships, Plovdiv to be under the patronage of the Member of the European Commission Ms Mariya Gabriel.

The event will be held from 19th July to 23rd July, 2023 in Plovdiv.

The news was announced by the EU Patronage committee. The invitation came from Mr. Ivan Popov - the Chariman of the event’s organising committee. At the beginning of 2022, Mr. Popov and other OC members visited Brussels to introduce commissioner Mariya Gabriel with two rowing projects aiming not only to turn Plovdiv into a national rowing centre but also to make the city a better place for living. The idea behind the project “Plovdiv – national rowing centre” is to attract to the sport of rowing children from all around the country through innovative digital selection. The second project is for establishing a World rowing centre – part of Ecological park “Maritsa”.

The organisers of the 2023 World Rowing U23 Championships expect that the event will be bigger than the previous championships held in Plovdiv in 2021. Then the competition was held under Covid restrictions, but nonetheless 902 participants from 43 countries took part in it.

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